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Alternative energies are replacing nuclear power at an increasing rate. Energy production from biomass is gaining in importance in Europe year after year. The main raw materials are industrial waste wood, wood chips, wood pellets, wood briquettes, olive stones, olive cake, stoneless olive pulp, palm kernel shells, bark briquettes and straw.
Biomass is regaining importance in Europe, as biofuel, as raw material for wood pellets and to power biomass power stations.
Biomass is basically absorbed solar energy. During photosynthesis sunlight and carbon dioxide (CO2) bonded in the air are transformed into organic substance. During the combustion of wood, plants, organic waste or of their derivatives, this stored energy is released. On combustion, the carbon from biomass is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. The released carbon dioxide has been sequestered by the biomass before. In other words: Biomass is carbon neutral
Heating and power stations which produce heat and electricity with biomass are already an important part of our energy supply.

We supply: industrial pellets, olive kernels, olive pomace, stoneless olive pulp, palm kernel shells, and - on request - other biomass.