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Olive kernels

The annual olive oil production exceeds 17 million metric tonnes worldwide and 12 million metric tonnes in Europe. There are sufficient olive residues for the production of biomass fuel. The kernels are a side product of the olive oil production and are obtained through compression of the olive in the oil mill and subsequent separation from shell and pulp rests. Thanks to modern centrifugation machines, the crashed kernels are clean and free of any dust or impurities.
After processing, the kernels have a residual humidity of 9-12 %. Olive stones have a higher calorific value (5.6 kWh/kg) compared to air-dried wood (4–4,4 kWh/kg).

Olive kernels are an alternative biomass fuel to wood pellets. As a granulate, they are suitable for biomass boilers, wood gasification plants, cogeneration units and thermal power stations.

Olive kernels are 100% natural, contain no additives and have an oil content of approx. 0.3%.

Minimum order quantity is 200 metric tonnes. Prices on request.

Quantities and packaging options
1. Bulk supplies
Quantities of at least 1,800 tons are shipped in bulk vessels to any port of destination. Based on your demand, the pits can be discharged in one or several ports. In order to make efficient use of our storage capacities, we welcome your order 2-3 months prior to the projected delivery date.
2. Olive pits in big bags
Smaller quantities are generally packaged in big bags (plastic bacs filled with approximately 1 ton of merchandise) and shipped in container loads of 22 tons. We offer both CIF and door-to-door deliveries all over Europe.

Properties of olive kernels
Residual humidity
+/- 9-12
Ash content at 815 ° C (DIN EN 14775)
Calorific value max.
approx. 5,6
Carbon (C)
45,5 – 51,5
Hydrogen (H)
5,3 – 6
Nitrogen (N)
0,3 – 0,4
Oxygen (O)
37,2 – 42
Sulphur (S)

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