A word about sustainability

All our olive biomasses are produced and distributed in accordance with the highest possible sustainability and environmental standards.
In contrast to wood products, no energy crops are necessary for the production of olive cake and kernels. Olive biomass is obtained from the residue of the olive oil production and therefore only requires harvesting the olive, not chopping the olive tree.

The mix of pulp, shell and kernels undergoes careful transformation into high-grade biofuels. Our crashed olive pits are dried, free of dust and can be used as an industrial biofuel throughout Europe without restriction.

There are no official EU norms to standardize product quality of olive biofuels. Consequently, we use the existing DIN/EN norms for wood pellets as a benchmark to ensure a wide range of use (especially with regard to the low ash and oil contents of our biomass) and a customs-free import to the European Union.

Besides, we ensure sustainable creation of value and strive to create human and environmental well-being in the North African countries of origin. Processing of raw materials occurs in close cooperation with local entrepreneurs and by means of state-of-the-art machines. By ensuring good working conditions and payment of above-average salaries, we would like to distinguish biomass production as an attractive and respected sector.

We would be pleased to provide you with further information on our production sites. Please feel free to contact us!